Our Lenten Worship Series -A Quest to Rehab our Relationship with God!

I Will…what it means to live out your faith in Jesus through the church:




Word of God Speak

In the beginning…God created with a word and hasn’t stopped talking…

Week #1


Word of God Speak into our lives through Scripture

Week #2

God’s Word to God’s People Today through the Prophet Jeremiajeremiah-the-propheth

See what God had to say to the people of Israel and what God has to say to us today through the prophet Jeremiah, found in the Old Testament.

 Part 3: Jeremiah 18:1-11 Works on the Wheel

Part 2: Jeremiah 2:1-11 Where Do You Get Your Water?


Meaconnecting to Godns of Grace Sermon Series:

Connecting with God through community, prayer, service, searching the scriptures, fasting (and Holy Communion.)

4th Sunday after Epiphany (01.31.2016)

Connecting with God: Searching the Scriptures

2nd Sunday after Epiphany (01.17.2016)

Connecting with God: Serving our Community

1st Sunday of Epiphany (01.10.2016)

Connecting with God: Living in Community

Second Sunday of Christmas (01.03.2016):

What Child is This? The Good Shepherd our Brother

Christmas Eve: What Child is This? Jesus

Advent Series: What Child is This?

On Suffering: Job’s story

James: Game Plan for faithful living

Lenten Series -A Journey to the Cross


Sermon 02.01.2015 -More than Words

Sermon: October 13, 2013 (recorded at Patapsco UMC)

 Sermon: October 6, 2013 (recorded at Patapsco UMC)

Sermon: September 29, 2013 (recorded at Patapsco UMC)




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